Overview: Upcut Spiral Router Bits

Upcut spiral bits are without doubt the most popular style of spiral fluted tool. Basically they work in the same way as an ordinary high speed drill bit which are designed to clear the cut material (swarf) out of the hole as the cutter goes deeper. This is particularly important with timber as otherwise the material left in the hole will cause heat buildup and eventually blunt the cutter. This markedly shortens the overall life of the cutter and in addition, can cause breakage.

Uses for the Upcut Spiral Router Bits

Ideal for cutting trenches and also pocket holes. In addition, when used in conjunction with a roughing spiral which is used to remove the majority of the timber, they can then do a full depth finishing cut.

Advantages of Using and Upcut Spiral Router Bits

These bits have man advantages over the downcut or straight router bit.
As previously stated, when couple with the roughing cutter. they provide a very smooth finish without witness lines.
Secondly, the cutter is working the full length of the cutting edge; not just the first 8mm or so.
Lastly, the cutter is removing less material (only about 1mm down the face) so consequently, the router bit stays sharper longer.

Disadvantages of Using and Upcut Spiral Router Bits

Upcut Bits have in reality only one disadvantage. While overall they are an excellent choice, due to the upcutting action, they can leave the top edge of the cut slightly rough. This is particularly evident in solid timber. Even so, it is no bad enough to worry about too much and is easily sanded.

Wing Configuration of Upcut Spiral Router Bits.

Upcut Bits are generally available if 1 – 4 wings. The one wing is use for plastics whilst the 2 -4 wing styles are more suited to wood. Care should be taken with spindle and feed speeds as using 4 wing cutters chiefly because too high r.p.m. and too slow a feed speed will cause burning and blunting.


These bits should be in everyone’s quiver if they are using a CNC of for that matter a hand held router. They cut very cleanly, are quiet and in addition, with some basic care and maintenance is provided, will outperform straight router bits.

Choose from our wide range of top quality Upcut Spiral Bits.
Our spiral cutters bits are available in upcut and downcut styles from 4mm- 12mm with and without Nanno Blue long life coating.
Additionally, we offer 2 and also 3 wing styles.
Lastly we have a range of different length for different thickness boards.

All our Spiral  Cutters range in hardness from a value of HRC45 to HRC55.



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