Compression Cutters

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Compression Cutters combine the best of both worlds. The provide a virtually chip free finish on both the top and bottom of the work. This is because the bottom of the cutter is Upcut while the top is Downcut.

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2 reviews for Compression Cutters

  1. Boris Daniljchenko

    I just used my first 6mm compression bit. They are great. Quiet, smooth profile and clean edged. I have already cut 8 sheets at 25mm, 6 sheets at 9mm and 5 sheets at 12mm plywood. Still going strong and still sharp sharp. Will be definitely be coming back for more.

  2. Craig Hewitt _ Fully Air Conditioned ACT

    Compared to the old bit we had it is 100% better. It cuts cleaner on the top and bottom of the sheet and also clears the swarf better. We use it for cutting duct board, it’s a foam board with aluminium foil on each side, so I’m very very happy with how it works, thanks you. Craig Hewitt

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