CNC Feed Speeds

We hope this page on the other pages we have created help answer some of your questions relating to feed speeds. Other pages will cover CNC Cutting Depth and also CNC spindle R.P.M. This information is intended only as a guite for cutting timber on a CNC Router.

Heat Buildup

Heat Buildup on a CNC cutter is one of the main causes of dulling the cutter and breakages. Heat is generated by either the rate of feed being too slow or the spindle RPM being too high. In most cases it is a combination of both.

Always consider the diameter of the bit being used. The smaller the diameter the slower the feed speed.

Overcoming The Problem

.There are a lot of tables around that claim to give the answer to the problem. However we don’t live in a perfect  World so you should only uses these as a guide or a starting point. The two main things you should be looking for are the sound of the cutter and looking to see if the cutting is producing chips or dust. You can hear usually when the cutter is on the “sweet spot”. Dust is definitely what you do not want as this means the cutter is traveling through the material too slowly or the R.P.M. of the cutter is too high.


Try to relate the problem to using your hand held router and don’t be afraid to push the feed speed up. Remember your CNC machine,  with the exception of the trimmer type, has a lot more power than even a big hand router. Therefore, it will work harder when under load.

Also remember, we tend to run the spindle speed on a hand held router at about 20,000rpm. Sometimes because this is the only speed we have available. Don’t be afraid to drop the RPM on you CNC machine. A lot of times I have run cutters at 14,000rpm and slower. This will of course depend on the diameter.



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